Corporate Office:
1500 W. EL Camino Ave #510
Sacramento, CA 95833
Business Hours Mon-Fri 8:30am- 5pm

Fax: 866-900-4665

Toll-Free Number # 855-5VALPRO (855-582-5776)
714-487-6411 Anaheim | 661-209-3200 Bakersfield
213-867-1991 Los Angeles | 562-546-4811 Long Beach
510-323-0013 Oakland | 530-313-7952 Placerville
916-333-4665 Sacramento | 714-443-0083 Santa Ana
619-599-8258 San Diego | 415-475-7447 San Francisco
408-703-2322 San Jose | 707-242-6302 Solano County

How to send us a new request?

Feel free to email your request over to us; simply supply us with specifics on your request for example if you have a service of process request in the subject line of the email please indicate if it’s a Rush (Attempted within 24hrs or Sameday) or Standard (Attempted within 48-72hrs and every 48-72hrs). Then in the body of the email please tell us what you want, such as, who are we serving? Address, description, or specific needs you have then lastly included your contact information i.e. name, address, phone number and email address and then attach your documents in one PDF and lastly if you don’t have an account set up with us you will need to complete our “Prepayment Credit Card Authorization Form” or you can complete the form below. Once you send your documents one of our friendly staff members will confirm receipt via email.

Thank you for inquiring about our services, below are our Service Request Form and Request Status Form, please feel free to complete either form. If you do not receive a response from one of our friendly staff members within 5-10 minutes (during normal business hours 8:30AM-5:00PM M-F) please call us at 855-5VALPRO (855-582-5776) or email us We appreciate your business and look forward to servicing your legal needs.

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